Making the most of your wedding day photography opportunities

Your big day is stressful enough without thinking of photography all the way through it. So, here are some tips I offer to help get the most out of your wedding day photos without driving you crazy:


Keep yourself and your guests happy: it’ll make for better photos! Remember, I can take posed photos, but most people agree that the best photos from their weddings are unplanned candid moments, whether it’s a loving glance, a beautiful laughing face, or someone resting happily in a chair and watching everyone else. So, the more you can keep your guests and family members relaxed and happy, the more of those precious, spontaneous moments there’ll be for me to capture.

newly wed couple

People want to see impressive outfits and stunning scenery in a wedding album, but what they really want to see is people enjoying themselves! It’s the little moments of joy that spark fun memories and sentiments, not the tableau.


To make the whole ordeal easier on you, make sure you take breaks and wear what you need to wear to be happy and healthy all day. Don’t suffer through a whole day in heels, trust me. We want to see you glowing and exuberant, not tottering around and swearing in pain!


Celebrate the whole process, and take some great “getting ready” photos! The preparations for your wedding and especially for the ceremony make for some of the best shots, in my experience. People are excited, which means that there are so many opportunities for a great shot, and these photos also help you remember the whole day, not just the walking down the aisle part. Speaking of walking down the aisle, I wish someday designers can come up with heeled bridal shoes that feel as good as walking shoes, so the walk down the aisle would be more comfortable. What do you think?

wedding gown fitting

Finally, don’t forget to make a good timeline! You can never plan too much for a wedding. It’s a big day, and there are a lot of moving pieces to keep track of. If you’re going to make sure it goes off without a hitch, and to give me as many opportunities to capture moments as possible, you want to have everything meticulously planned out, from meals to planned shots, to the transitions and changes.