How I take photos all day and night using the best walking shoes for weddings

Wedding photography is in some ways one of the most luxurious jobs. I get to travel all around Quebec and Ontario, and I end up seeing some of the prettiest locations in the provinces. Of course, every couple wants to be photographed in front of stunning landscapes! By location scouting and traveling to prepare for the wedding day, I end up being able to sample amazing local foods, and stay in wonderful accommodations. And, of course, during the wedding itself, I get to celebrate with you! That also usually involves some snacks and drinks, which are always appreciated. So, overall, it’s an absolutely wonderful job, and being able to document a joyous occasion for the future is a treat for me.

Now, with all that said, wedding photography can also be one of the most grueling jobs on the planet. Think of how sore the average waiter’s feet get after 8 hours. Now think about a wedding schedules. 8 hours is nothing compared to photographing a rehearsal dinner, preparations early the next morning, the ceremony, the meal, the cake, the speeches, the dances, on and on till dawn! It’s an endurance race of the highest order.

Birkenstock sandals

To get through it, I use one of my best wedding photographer secrets, which I recommend to you: the eternal magic of the Birkenstock! I discovered Birkenstocks years ago when I worked with a German photographer friend, Kat. She wore them religiously, and once she forced me to give them a try, I’ve never gone back. I have a few different pairs for different wedding ambiances: clogs for the more casual or rustic occasion, lace-up boots for more formal settings.

When I can’t get away with any but the most formal footwear, I break out my Birkenstock insoles, which are an absolute lifesaver. If you haven’t used insoles before I can’t tell you what a difference they make. These are 3/4 insoles, so they go from the back of the heel to just behind the toes.

Birkenstock insoles

They fit in absolutely everything, from little flats to sneakers to brogues.

Now, you don’t necessarily have to go Birkenstock, even though I highly recommend them. But at the very least, you should look for an insert with arch support and little to no heel drop to get you through the whole day comfortably.

I know many ladies end up in heels on the day, but if you don’t feel obliged and can get away with some classy flats, adding some insoles will make the whole day much better.

remember: you being comfortable is just as important as you being classy! There are different shoe designs that you can choose from for comfort and style. View this if you have high arched feet. Nobody wants to see photos of people all stiff and uncomfortable, least of all me! So, make sure you do what you can under the elegant surface to keep yourself from feeling the pain before the morning after hangover!

Flat footed? You’re sure to benefit a lot from shoes found on!

So, my secret to keeping up my spirits and taking great wedding photos all day: a great pair of walking shoes! A tiny fix to a big problem. From me to you!

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